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IXEN Robotics is a robotics & technology agency based in Singapore that provides robotics & electronics for education, consumer and the maker community, with emphasis on User Experience, Design & Technology.

Shop at our online store for products such as robotics, electronics, rero, 3D printing, Arduino, sensors, servos, Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

IXEN Robotics believes that kids can learn coding better by interacting with physical robots and electronics gadgets rather than just making pixels move on a computer screen. That is why we developed several products as well as apps to support coding for kids! The drag-and-drop visual interface makes it easy for kids to learn coding. They also get to see the actual real-world working code as they drag each visual blocks to form their logic in their code. This makes it super easy for them to transit from being a visual coder to writing actual codes.

Through our in-house designed courses, we aim to bring back the fun in Coding, Robotics, and Electronics again.

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