Radio interview @ 88.3 Jia FM

We had a radio interview dialogue with Zhang Mei Xiang, Eeva Chang of 88.3 Jia FM! In our interview, we talked about coding & how coding is changing the world today and the future. (more…)

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Tech drama “Dream Coder” features rero on MediaCorp Channel 8!

Catch our cute rero robot on Channel 8 latest drama, Dream Coder, premiering 7 February every Monday to Friday at 9pm. (more…)

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Free Coding for Kids Workshop @ Times Bookstores with Purchase of Robotics Kit!

Our rero Standard Set (educational robot) that teaches kids how to code is now available in selected Times Bookstores (Marina Square, Tampines One, Waterway Point).


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Building BB-8: Part 5 – Dome Assembly Electronics (Schematic)

The connection are as follows:


DF Mini (MP3) Player

DF Mini Player Pins (more…)

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Maker Faire Singapore 2016 @ SUTD

We had a wonderful time at Maker Faire Singapore 2016. Hope you liked our free coding and robotics workshop as well as our talk on the making of our 3D Printed Remote-Controlled BB-8.

If you have missed out on those workshops, you can still register for our CR-3D (Coding, Robotics & 3D Printing) courses @ our website.

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Building BB-8: Part 4 – Dome Assembly Electronics (Lights & Sounds)

The 3D printed files from the BB-8 Builders Club have 3mm LED slots. I wanted to use RGB LED as it gives me the flexibility to change the colour of the lights. Unfortunately RGB LED are not available in 3mm. I created an adaptor for mounting 5mm RGB LED. I use a 3mm Light Pipe to transmit light to the 3mm slot. (more…)

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Building BB-8: Part 3 – Painting the Dome Assembly

In order to ensure that I get the exact orange that matches the BB-8 in the movie, I decided to test out various spray paints that I can find in Singapore. (more…)

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Building BB-8: Part 2 – Filling & Priming the Dome Assembly

For joining parts together, don’t bother using the Tamiya Cement; It did not work for me. Instead using any CA glue such as the Tamiya CA Cement or my favourite Gorilla Super Glue should do the trick. (more…)

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Building BB-8: Part 1 – 3D Printing the Dome Assembly

I’ve been involved in robotics, electronics and 3D printing for a very long time. I knew I had to build a BB-8 the moment I saw that cute robot in the Star Wars movie. I was doing some research and was fortunate to chance upon the BB-8 Builders Club that provided the essential 3D files. They are a wonderful and helpful community. (more…)

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Asian Robotics Week 2015 @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Robotics, 3D printing and Arduino was the focus of our booth.
We showcased rero (an educational robot), 3D printer and an Arduino based self-balancing scooter built with 3D printed parts.

Do check out our website if you are interested in robotics, 3D printing and amazing Arduino projects.

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