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Building BB-8: Part 5 – Dome Assembly Electronics (Schematic)

The connection are as follows:


DF Mini (MP3) Player

DF Mini Player Pins (more…)

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Building BB-8: Part 4 – Dome Assembly Electronics (Lights & Sounds)

The 3D printed files from the BB-8 Builders Club have 3mm LED slots. I wanted to use RGB LED as it gives me the flexibility to change the colour of the lights. Unfortunately RGB LED are not available in 3mm. I created an adaptor for mounting 5mm RGB LED. I use a 3mm Light Pipe to transmit light to the 3mm slot. (more…)

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Building BB-8: Part 3 – Painting the Dome Assembly

In order to ensure that I get the exact orange that matches the BB-8 in the movie, I decided to test out various spray paints that I can find in Singapore. (more…)

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Building BB-8: Part 2 – Filling & Priming the Dome Assembly

For joining parts together, don’t bother using the Tamiya Cement; It did not work for me. Instead using any CA glue such as the Tamiya CA Cement or my favourite Gorilla Super Glue should do the trick. (more…)

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Building BB-8: Part 1 – 3D Printing the Dome Assembly

I’ve been involved in robotics, electronics and 3D printing for a very long time. I knew I had to build a BB-8 the moment I saw that cute robot in the Star Wars movie. I was doing some research and was fortunate to chance upon the BB-8 Builders Club that provided the essential 3D files. They are a wonderful and helpful community. (more…)

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